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Who pens this blog?

The short answer is -  Margi Prideaux.

If you want a longer one, here goes – I am a passionate writer and a specialist in migratory species protection policy & law.

I started tapping out this blog a year ago to help people make sense of all the news that bounces around the internet about wildlife, and what Governments and conservation organizations are doing to protect the other species who live on this planet.

I have been an advocate and negotiator for wildlife protection for over twenty years working with local, national and international conservation organizations as well as the United  Nations. One theme that has followed me the whole time is two fundamental questions that people ask. First “exactly what is being done, or not, to protect wildlife around the world?” And prorbaly more fundamental ” is anyhting working?”.

The answers are often confusing. At times they appear, quite frankly, illogical. So, I thought it was time that someone non-aligned to any particular group or cause provided a space to help explain.

I won’t pretend that I am without bias. I am absolutely an advocate for wildlife protection, right down to my shoelaces. But, I do understand the politics in play with so many of the issues and I hope that I can help readers too as well.

If you have questions you’d like answered, please send them through. I will be pleased to provide what information I can. And, if I don’t know the subject personally, chances are I know who does.

Feel free to comment under each blog or email me directly at wildpolitics[at]

If you want to, I be pleased to have you ‘ follow me’ on for daily tweets about the world of wildlife politics.

WildPolitics.netAdvocate and negotiator for wildlife justice and protection; blogger on the complex world of the politics to protect the non-human species of this planet



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“It is to me beyond belief that a man … should, if he knows the meaning of the two words, hold that animals have only ‘instinct’ and not ‘reason’.
E.B. Nicholson, Librarian of the Bodleian, Oxford, 1879.