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Cetacean Rights conference kicks off in Helsinki

May 21, 2010

I apologize for my absence these past two weeks. I have been furiously writing for the Cetacean Rights Conference that has just started in Helsinki. (cetaceans are the scientific order of whales, dolphins and porpoises)

What an amazing year, as we teeter on the brink of resuming whaling, that such a significant group would convene to discuss a fundamental reorientation of our relationship with these animals. Inspiring! I am an honored to be involved.

The line up is just amazing:

Chris Butler-Stroud
Opening address: Fostering Moral and Legal Change Towards Cetacean Rights
Matti Häyry
Whale Rights and Applied Ethics: The Ideas of Dignity, Solidarity, and Precaution
Sudhir Chopra
Revisiting Whales’ Right to Life
Thomas White
Personhood and Beyond: Cetaceans, Species-Appropriate Standards and Leveraging Research for Advocacy
Hal Whitehead
Cetacean Cultures and Cetacean Rights
Lori Marino
Cetacean Rights: A Test of our Ethical Consistency
Nicholas Entrup/Margi Prideaux
Cetacean Rights: Confronting the Sustainably Paradigm and Deciding Who is ‘Beyond Use’
Paola Cavalieri
Cetaceans: From Bare Life to Nonhuman Others

The abstracts and biographies are available online. The Conference has a website which will be updated on Sunday with the outcomes –

I will post links to the papers as soon as I can.

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